Microsoft Project 2019 Setup

How to setup Microsoft Project 2019 professional

Setup Microsoft Project 2019 Professional.

Download the whole package from this below Microsoft link and install it on your machine and activate it with the key

Install the package (Double click "ProjectPro2019Retail.img" and double click again "Office" folder and install either 32 bit or 64 bit)

Your project installation must match your office bit installation (i,e: if your Microsoft office is 64 bit then you must install a 64-bit project 2019)

Check your Microsoft office, which bit is installed (Open MS Word --> Click File --> Click Account --> Click About office)

For both 32/64 bit Downloads:


Comments (8) -

  • Hans Wuersch
    Why do I get info that this file can harm my computer?
  • Wayne.McNally
    I have tried to download MS Project 2019 Professional 3 times and each time it blocked the completed download and warning message come up that ProjectPro2019RetaiL.img was blocked because this type of file can harm your device. You have my money and I can not get access to the program even though I have been sent the set up key. What do we need to do ?
  • Cobus van Vuuren

    Thanks, purchased a double licence for two PC's.
    I am having network errors coming through, slow download, will still take few hours.
    I have resumed the downloads, but see that one of the files has a (1) behind it. Will that cause a problem when it finally installs?
    Also, I assumed that it will be backwardly compatible with Project Professional 2010? Ids that correct?
  • Cobus van Vuuren
    HI, I have installed as per the instructions, but it is asking for a key,. which I have not been supplied. Can you help please?
  • Denise Lotze
    I am trying to download Project and am getting an error which says it was blocked as the file could harm my device.
    Please advise
  • Peter Clark
    Hi . I have tried to install MS Project 2019 Pro but your system only installs MS Office.
    I have a 64 bit Laptop but for some reason it tells me that MS Office 32 Bit is installed.
    Please help or alternatively please give me back my monehy.
  • Altan S.

    Thank you very much for your help with the installation. This is my 2nd purchase from your shop. First time no issues and now handled very professionally and rectified all problems.
    @all, I had a pop-up message with an error code 30182-1 (2). Hadi looked into this and resolved the problem.
  • Al Bowie
    I have tried to install my Project 2019 with the key provided but it rejects it