Microsoft Office 2019 Setup

How to Setup Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus

Step 1: Uninstall any existing office

IMPORTANT NOTE: All new machines or new windows 10 installation automatically installed trial edition of office 365 subscription. Please make sure you double-checked your control panel and uninstall them.

Advance Issue: Unspecified Error / Registry Fix Issue / Can't Uninstall Old Office 365 or other edition

Click here..

Step 2: Download, install and activate your office 2019 Pro Plus

  1. Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus (Download the full software from the below Link)
  2. Check your machine which bit to download (Click Start Button → Settings → System → About)
  3. For 32 bit ISO Download
  5. OR====================================
  6. For 64-bit Download
  8. Install the package (Please scroll down for visual illustration) 
  9. Open Microsoft Word and then click File → then click Account → From Left side if you see any account/email account already sign in then click the “Sign out” link/button → then from the right side click the “Change License” → then enter the 25 digit key and follow the prompt to activate it
  10. Restart your PC
  11. IMPORTANT: Please note that you do not need any ZIP/compress software to open the ISO file. Windows 10 can open an ISO file simply double click or right-click on the ISO file and select open with-> windows explorer. please uninstall any file compression type software such as WinZip, 7z, ExpressZip, or Power2Go as it interrupts opening an ISO file or changes the file location. You can reinstall them after completing your office 2019 installation.  
  12. ** Note: if you see it is still asking you to log in the click the “Try another account” or “I don’t want to login enter key instead” ***

Right-click on the " or" file and select "Extract All"

Then again right click on the "en_OfficeProPlus2019_x64BIT.iso or en_OfficeProPlus2019_x64BIT.iso" file and select "Mount" or "Open with Windows Explorer" or "Simply double click on it"

  1. double click on "Start" or "Start.cmd"


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  • Angela Song
    We bought this package from you on 19th April, 2021. For some reason it is no longer working. Could you help us reactivate this please?
  • Robert Heaton
    Hi, I have just completed my purchase of Office Professional Plus 2019.  Once I have uninstalled my current version, will Office Pro Plus 2019 be able to find my existing files such as Word and Excel?

    Robert Heaton
    ORDER NO: #12954
  • Shirl
    Worked a damn treat! Cheers!
  • Ingrid
    Great visual instructions!
  • Alina
    We bought this package on 26th Nov ORDER NO: #16940 but the excel is not working .
    Please let us know what can we do.
  • Jim Hayes
    Hadi,  I had no success with installing this program whilst using windows 10 so downloaded windows 11 and despite being very different from the "how to" information supplied but now the product code supplied on the paperwork is incorrect. may I have the correct one please?
  • Jim Hayes
    Sorry Hadi, My invoiceno is #D1877
  • Jayson
    just order office 2019 off you, all work well with instructions thank you very much
  • Shane

    I have had a few problems installing this copy. When I download and use the right mouse button I do not get the same display as above. It only has (Open ,Cut, Copy Release, Properties) so I can 't install. Please help.
  • Russ G
    Installed on 2 machines, perfecto, thanks.
  • Lawson
    Installed and all working within 10 mins. Thanks for the clear directions!
  • Michi
    not one problem, very disappointing - just kidding.